Celebrate Earth Day

April 22 2016 is Earth Day, a time to honor our home and all that grows from it.

What will you do today, and every day, to help preserve Earth’s most important habitats?

Lands – Commit to a mission to transform how land is developed, used, and conserved. As the global population increases, a doubling of demand for food, fiber, and fuel will weigh upon our forests, our grasslands, our wetlands — on all our natural resources.

Climate – Commit to promoting practical, innovative solutions to create a cleaner, healthier, low-carbon future. Climate change is one of the world’s most urgent challenges and an immediate risk to our communities, economies, and to our conservation mission.

Oceans- Commit to protecting oceans and coastlines to provide sustainable seafood, new economic opportunities, and to reduce our risk from coastal storms and flooding. Oceans provide half of the oxygen we breathe, food and livelihoods for millions around the globe, medicines to treat disease and support for our thriving coastal economies.

image courtesy of thesuperslice.com

Water – Commit to protecting rivers, lakes, and watersheds. Global demands for food, energy and material goods are putting unprecedented pressure on our planet. Water is at the heart of this crisis. While traditional solutions — such as the building of dams, reservoirs and other types of infrastructure — attempt to meet these needs, they are proving too costly and unsustainable on their own.

Cities – Commit to changing the relationship between cities and nature so that both can thrive. Across the globe, people are moving into cities at a faster rate than ever in our history. Rapid growth has the potential to make cities deeply unlivable places, at the mercy of floods, droughts, and storms.


Earth Day is just one day of the year where we officially honor our home. But this one day can be the start of a lifelong commitment to protecting and conserving our home for future generations.


Help create a world where the diversity of life thrives.

Take action to conserve nature. 

Stand up for your home.

image courtesy of Darrell Bodnar. Nature Conservancy. Lupine in northern New Hampshire.



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