A Grim Fairy Tale

by Anita M Kulkarni Nabonne

Gather round to hear a gruesome horror story unfolding right before our eyes. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.

rev Strip 1

Planet earth came to be as a small dot in this vast universe, and over billions of years it evolved; designing and redesigning, touching up and choreographing until it became a genius creation of a master crafter called Nature. She provided so many diverse stages and platforms rich enough to sustain multitudinous species. The strengths and weaknesses of the players and their audience determined the success of each individual production – the strongest survived and the weaker had to adapt or die.

rev strip 2 4 squares


Each story’s stage was a self-sustainable ecosystem, linked to the others in some way, and one broken link in the chain is all it would take… and maybe huge, grim, species of monsters.

rev strip 3

These monsters are diverse: invertebrates with lifeless black eyes and huge, grey, anonymous steel conglomerate bodies, and greedy, thoughtless, fleshy, dribbling goblins that lurk everywhere. There are also the deadly water nymph, who decorate our waterways and oceans with pollutants and candy coloured plastics that poison, choke and undermine the environments of our birds, sea creatures and fish.

rev strip 4


And so from a wonderful, exciting, breathtaking, eclectic and exotic mix came those very creatures, the ones who evolved from the warm arms of nature and who quickly learned to manipulate and corrupt the world around them after becoming so conceited and clever. They broke away, showing off their prowess, and they began fighting; baring their rotten teeth, decayed by rancid ideals. When war became mundane and their own little world wasn’t enough, the real devastation and destruction began.

rev strip 5

Rivers were touched by evil spells and careless demons who had evolved without a conscience. These small and vile creatures roamed freely, destroying fish and suffocating birds and polluting waters that might never fully recover, all in the blink of an eye.


rev strip 6
(Left) The Animas river in Colorad after being polluted with 3 million tonnes of ammonia. (Right) Ammonia polluted river in China that filled with over a hundred tonnes of dead fish.

Their selfish ways have rewritten some of their own tales of prosperity, as liquid black gold oozes from gaping sores onto crystal waters, and mines of copper turn into blood that runs through their nightmares.

Like all grim fairytales, we must invariably put down the book. Our planet is suffering this horror, and it isn’t a pleasant story to pass down – we are giving our children nightmares. Some swim shoulder high in garbage patches looking for a way to survive, but unlike the birds and marine life, they know plastic when they see it and know not to eat it.

Take responsibility for the books you will be reading to your children, and for your choices and actions… TODAY.


Picture credits: Bored Panda/Earth Porm/Geeksvip.


6 thoughts on “A Grim Fairy Tale

  1. Another remarkable tale. I can only hope that every parent also reminds their little babes too that every little action leads to greater action -whether it’s recycling or planting small seedlings of some sort. After all, what child, family doesn’t love to go off camping or to sit under a marvelous tree and read stories with many, many happy endings.

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  2. A good reminder to all of us that we must take the responsibility for our actions as well as the actions of those before us … teaching our children the importance of protecting our planet is as important as teaching them their ABCs.

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