Boycott Products made with Unsustainable Palm Oil

After posting my article on palm oil, I started becoming hyper-aware of the ingredients in products I regularly buy. Some of my favorite ice creams, baked goods, crackers, breads, and chips contain palm oil.

I boycotted them all.

But I won’t stop there.

I am contacting the companies to explain why they have just lost a customer. Maybe losing one individual isn’t that big a deal—but imagine the impact if a company was to lose 100 customers. 500. 5,000. 10,000.

Then, don’t you think they might start paying attention?

I know that boycotting favorite foods is practically a sin for some of us. Trust me, when I had to turn away from Combos all because I saw the ingredients list and palm oil was on it, my heart fell.

Blog_Palm Oil

But I’m on a mission. I’m committed. And here at Dodo Express, we decided it’s time to stop talking and start taking action.

Even if you can only bring yourself to boycott one food … don’t you think the rebelliousness of it would stimulate you? I kind of got a high after writing my first rejection letter to the Mars company (owners of Combos) to let them know I dropped them like a hot potato. I was polite, yet clear.

Below is a sample of my boycott letter. Feel free to copy and use it to explain to the company that you are boycotting a favorite food because it’s made with unsustainable palm oil. Comment below with the name of the product you’ve delisted from your life, and I’ll send a boycott letter, too. Basically, I’ll double the impact.

So, go on, boycott the use of unsustainable palm oil. The rain forests will thank you.

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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to address an ingredient concern with you regarding your [FILL IN BLANK] product. Palm oil [or other derivative of palm oil] is listed as one of your ingredients. Would you please consider using another type of oil that does not harm the environment, specifically rain forests, or switch to sustainable palm oil.

Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is palm oil that has been grown on a plantation that has been managed and certified according to the principles and criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

This means the plantation was established on land that did not contain significant biodiversity, wildlife habitat, or other environmental values, and meets the highest environmental, social, and economic standards defined by the RSPO.

I have boycotted any and all products made with unsustainable palm oil or any derivative of such–this includes [list name of product here].

If you were to use CSPO, I would be happy to beome a customer again.

Thank you,

[your name and contact info]


For more information on CSPO, please visit GreenPalm. While you’re there, sign their petition for sustainable palm oil.


5 thoughts on “Boycott Products made with Unsustainable Palm Oil

  1. I had a good chat two days a ago with Greenpeace who say they have made great strides with persuading some companies to opt out and though promised some companies and their targets of friendly zones seem to get further away. I upped my sub and promised to do more. This might work. I don’t eat a lot of crap these days, so there isn’t much I found I can eliminate. I keep revising. But isn’t it a shame that when they are given the alternatives to mercilessly scraping the scalp off this planet, and when there are often better solutions and remedies, they do not want to know. I was shocked when he told me the number of football sized stadiums that were slashed and burned each day…horrific.

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    1. I am simply amazed at how many products use unsustainable palm oil, given the information that is out there. But consumers make it difficult for companies to switch because most of use look for the cheaper products. Unfortunately, unsustainable palm oil is found in the cheaper products.

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