Vote for Conservation

Looming, rather ominously, is Election Day for the United States. Through various polls, the American public show huge support for conservation efforts:

90% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act

74% of Americans believe we must fight climate change

72% of Americans believe public lands (i.e., national forests, wildlife refuges, and national monuments) are a huge benefit to the economy



However, most of the politicians in office now have been ignoring the value of wildlife and public lands. Favoring Big Oil and other extractive industries, our government has been undermining conservation efforts through bills, riders, and amendments.


We must elect officials who will support—and commit to—science-based stewardship. Vote for the candidates who reflect conservation beliefs, and encourage family, friends, and neighbors to follow suit. Speak with the volunteers who come around to your home and let them know where you stand in respect to our natural resources.


Even if you’re not a fan of the personality profiles or moral values of the candidates, not voting is only allowing those who vote against conservation to get an edge. We can’t let that happen.

Get out and vote.


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