About Us

Darren Hawbrook and Kate Johnston met in Cyberspace and discovered that they had a couple of things in common. A passion for writing and a passion to take action against the impending sixth man-made extinction.

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Darren comes from Lincoln, England, a country that wrote the book on killing off its mega-fauna. He hopes the day will come when wolves, lynx and bears can once more roam their native lands in the British Isles, but until that improbable day he wants to do all he can to help reverse the alarming loss of wildlife across the planet. Darren hopes to be a famous writer and musician —not because he wants fame in a pointless Kardashian kind of way, but rather to have a more far-reaching voice to influence and raise awareness of the issues facing the planet.

If the fame ‘thingy’ never transpires, the least Darren wants to be able to do is say to his kids when they’re older: “I tried.”

Kate Johnston - freelance writer

Kate was born on Cape Cod, and raised in rural New Hampshire where nature and wildlife stirred her imagination. She knew she wanted to be a professional writer when she was about 8 years old and wrote a story about a good wolf.

If Kate could have one superpower, she’d pick the ability to save all endangered species, from wolves, to rhinos, to rainforests. Until that power comes to be, she writes blog posts, magazine articles, and shares the latest news on social media – in the hopes of getting one more person to join the fight against the sixth man-made extinction.

Together, Darren and Kate founded Dodo Express, a blog meant to motivate people to take action. We’re beyond talking. We need to change our lifestyle habits and do the right thing today to save Earth tomorrow.

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