Returning Home

Originally posted on As it Comes:
Exquisite photography by Nick Brandt Who will inherit the dust after weightless ghosts finally fall under swirling clouds, where once mighty shadows walked on crusted earth. All will soon be lost like dried reflections in still lakes to join the halo of hoofed prints standing visibly as relics of…

The Big, Sweet Wolf

Wolves Saved my Life click link above to watch a brief, but moving video At Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC), veterans suffering from PTSD are connecting to nature in a way few would expect–bonding with the big, bad wolf. LARC provides therapy in the form of wolves, wolf-dogs, coyotes, foxes, and Primurine horses. These therapy … More The Big, Sweet Wolf

Boycott Products made with Unsustainable Palm Oil

After posting my article on palm oil, I started becoming hyper-aware of the ingredients in products I regularly buy. Some of my favorite ice creams, baked goods, crackers, breads, and chips contain palm oil. I boycotted them all. But I won’t stop there. I am contacting the companies to explain why they have just lost … More Boycott Products made with Unsustainable Palm Oil

A Grim Fairy Tale

by Anita M Kulkarni Nabonne Gather round to hear a gruesome horror story unfolding right before our eyes. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. Planet earth came to be as a small dot in this vast universe, and over billions of years it evolved; designing and redesigning, touching up and choreographing until it … More A Grim Fairy Tale