A Grim Fairy Tale

by Anita M Kulkarni Nabonne Gather round to hear a gruesome horror story unfolding right before our eyes. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. Planet earth came to be as a small dot in this vast universe, and over billions of years it evolved; designing and redesigning, touching up and choreographing until it … More A Grim Fairy Tale

I Bought a Rainforest

Originally posted on Blurred Worlds:
Watching the first two episodes of BBC2’s I bought a rainforest has been difficult viewing. Very difficult . But it’s something we should all be watching. “Okay, this isn’t working out. How much do you think I’ll get for it on Ebay?” It’s all too easy to turn a blind…

Shark Fins – Soup… Anybody?

Originally posted on As it Comes:
Thousands of sharks without their fins die out there in the tortured waters – unable to breathe, and left to suffer immeasurable pain as they spiral through the depths of aqua marine to be feed for marauding fish. Without movement these ancient creatures cannot extract oxygen from the water, from its…