The next departures leaving on the Dodo Express are:


25. Addax

24. Hawaiian Monk Seal

23.Mountain Gorilla

22. Island Fox

21. Bactrian Camel

20. Caterina Pupfish

19. Mediterranean Monk Seal

18. Philippinan Eagle

17. California Condor

16. Amur Leapoard

15. Vaquita

14. Sumatran rhinoceros

13. Brazilian Merganser

12. Kakapo

11. Hawaiian Crow

10. Arakan Forest Turtle

9. Iberian Lynx

8. Axalotol

7. SPix’s Macaw

6. Javan Rhino

5. Siamese Crocodile

4. Brown Spider Monkey

3. Mexican Wolf

2. Baiji

1. Northern White Rhinoceros


One thought on “Departures

  1. I have come to dread lists such as these, it represents our failings and cavalier greedy sentimentality – along with helpless voiceless partners in this. For me we are my least favourite of the species on this planet, for the most part.

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