The Tragic Fall-out of Deforestation

Forests can help us slow climate change by preventing greenhouse gases from warming our planet. But humans are making the forests’ job extremely difficult, if not impossible. Deforestation means fewer trees to collect carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). Deforestation also means that the carbon those trees have been storing is released into the air. … More The Tragic Fall-out of Deforestation

Vote for Conservation

Looming, rather ominously, is Election Day for the United States. Through various polls, the American public show huge support for conservation efforts: 90% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act 74% of Americans believe we must fight climate change 72% of Americans believe public lands (i.e., national forests, wildlife refuges, and national monuments) are a … More Vote for Conservation

Celebrate Earth Day

April 22 2016 is Earth Day, a time to honor our home and all that grows from it. What will you do today, and every day, to help preserve Earth’s most important habitats? Lands – Commit to a mission to transform how land is developed, used, and conserved. As the global population increases, a doubling … More Celebrate Earth Day